Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My first blog post! :)

Hello, (to nobody really) since I have no followers as of right now! Hopefully that will change soon and I will try to be as committed as I can to MY blog :) Any who, I took a trip to my local CVS today to get some anti inflammatory medicine for my ankle. Obviously I passed the OPI section, and I was SHOCKED to see Visions of sugarplum, not only one but two..but my happiness didn't end there! I also saw THREE bottles of Smitten with Mittens from OPI's Holiday Wishes 2009. I NEVER pay retail for my polishes, but this was a total exception. I decided to keep one of each for myself and sell the rest for people who have been wanting them.  When I came home, I did swatches of each color. VOS is very similar but to Grape..set..match from the Serena duos. VOS, however is a little darker. Smitten with mittens, looks much more fab on the nail than in the bottle! It is gorgeous, and it is the PERFECT holiday color! Maybe I will post pics of when I polish my nails with these colors or pictures of the nail wheel that I swatched? them on. I am composing a list now of all of the local CVS' and rare OPIs and  and hopefully can find some awesome stuff! Have you ever found anything rare expectedly or unexpectedly?!