Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Wanted at 923 Now 4/23/12

So I have to admit, I am a fairly lucky girl. This was my second time meeting The Wanted. I just started a new job last week on top of my first job and babysitting. It was a long, hectic week. A local radio station here in NY (92.3) was giving away passes 3x a day for the meet and greet. I had missed a lot of chances for the tickets due to work. Finally on Friday, (the last day they were giving away the tickets) I only had to babysit. I tried at the 5PM shot and nothing. My last chance was at 8PM, and my mom and best friend were trying as well. I got through a few times but you had to be caller 92. Finally, someone picks up and says "oh, wait, I think Chunky already has a winner." My heart sank! Why would they pick up if they already had a winner?! I was on hold for around 5 minutes, then Chunky (the DJ) answers and I immediately knew I won. I broke down in happy tears. Chunky didn't believe I was 21, because I cried over a boy band.  I DID! I ADMIT IT! SUE ME. It was the third best day of my life, right after meeting Big Time Rush and The Wanted the first time. BTW, The Wanted's self-titled debut American EP CAME OUT TODAY

Here is their hit single in America that is #1 right now and has been for four weeks in a row! 
'Glad You Came' 

And I believe this song 'Chasing The Sun' is their next American single.

Take a listen for FREE. Nothing beats free, right?

CD and Tee shirt package from Target! 

Siva and myself.

iPhone pic (instagram) I looked scared. Jay was doing weird things behind me. 
Left to right: Tom,Max,Siva,Jay,Myself,Justine(my friend) and Nathan.

The picture the radio station took of us. 

And last, but not least, my favorite picture EVER! Jay and myself<3 

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